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Profica News


News, announcements and articles from Profica

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In 2016, Profica was one of 4 companies appointed by Absa to provide Design & Build services for the roll out of their major client-facing network programme.  This included the delivery of over 200 branches nationwide.  In November 2017, Absa extended Profica’s contract for a further two year period to support the continuation of the programme. 

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Leveraging Profica's experience in hotel and serviced apartment developments and highrise buildings, a superbly designed model mock-up apartment was created by the designers and completed for the innovative MySuite concept.

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Open plan workspaces that foster the so often talked about subject on collaboration, have become the ‘gold standard’ of workplace design.  This has been to essentially maximise the current use of space and to ensure the open flow of communication between management, teams and employees.  Practically, however, there has often been a disconnect between vision and reality. 

This ‘unique concept’ is regularly taken advantage of by workplace design specialists or C-level management who wish to outdo the space utilization and cost-savings exercise; in other words, to fit as many desks into one possible work area.