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Construction Management

Construction Management is a superb vehicle for fast-track operations; it maximises competition, it is flexible in dealing with unforeseen changes and savings in cost are returned to the client. Profica provides all technical and administrative management services and expertise in order to effectively plan and manage the project from inception through design development, implementation to completion and project hand-over. The following diagram illustrates the time saving which can be attributed to a project when Construction Management is applied:

Profica Construction Project Plan

By adopting a Construction Management approach to a project the client benefits by the works being able to be commenced early as the works are contracted as works packages which are coordinated and managed by the Construction Manager (i.e earthworks can commence while detailed design and tenders for the works to follow are finalised). Construction Management is also far more cost effective as the various trade contractors are contracted directly and not through a main contractor who would inturn add profit and attendance onto the trade contract sum.