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Within any Retail Development there is a need for the integration and coordination of the Landlord / Developers Base Buildings’ specification and the specific requirements of each Tenant. The Tenant Coordination model includes but is not limited to the streamlining and vetting of Tenant information, designs and requirements. Proficas’ offering of an end to end Tenant Coordination service not only ensures that information from leasing through design and implementation is timeously provided but the correctness thereof is achieved for each individual tenants’ premises.

Our offering while based on a tried and tested methodology, can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual project and each clients’ project requirements as needed within the various regions of the African Continent.

  • Preparation and utilisation of all Project Tenant Coordination specific documentation including the Tenant Criteria Document.
  • Coordination and liaison between leasing agents, client, professional and construction team.
  • Facilitation of tenants design submission and approval by the Client, Architect and relevant Professional Team members.
  • Coordination of Tenants services with the base build services provided by the Professional Team, Architect and Contractor.
  • Management of all communications prior to, notification of and during Beneficial Occupation period.
  • Management of all non-compliance issues raised and rectification of same during Beneficial Occupation Period.
  • Management of variations requested and Tenant Costs associated with same between the Client, Quantity Surveyor and Tenant.
  • Issuing and Management of Tenant Accounts up until Trade Date.